very high cpu use when starting

I seem to have a problem with this browser of when I load it up it takes around 30 seconds and very high cpu usage to start, once it has loaded then everything is great.

I am using version 17.4 with the following extensions

Adblock Plus (Beta)
Easy Bookmark
FB Photo Zoom
Speed Dial

any help appreciated

does this mean I am the only person with this problem or that it is so common that it can’t be fixed?

Hi belveder,
Does this still happen with the latest version? V18.0

Have you tried disabling all of your extensions to see if the issue persists?
If found to be an extension enable one at a time until the culprit is found.

How many tabs are being opened when opening Dragon?

yes I have tried it with no extensions, no tabs are being opened at startup

Can you try a USB installation in a separate folder? That way we know if it is something related to your system or your installation of Dragon.