Very high CPU usage

I’m on Windows 10 Home running up to date version of COMODO Firewall 10 and “COMODO Internet Security” and cmdagent.exe to be exact are constantly eating up roughly 50-60% of my CPU.

Any guesses on the reason or how to best find it out as I’d rather not do a clean reinstall and have to do my rules again.

Do you have HIPS set to training mode? Or have create rules for safe applications enabled under HIPS settings? Also check the same setting under firewall settings.

No on all accounts. Firewall and HIPS are on Safe Mode and the option on creating rules for safe applications is unchecked in both.

Does it happen when you’re not using the computer e.g. when idle or when you use specific applications? Do you have VirusScope set to monitor all applications or is it set to monitor only containment apps?

It’s constant, I’ve tried shutting down all non vital programs, leaving up display drivers, antivirus (Avira) and system programs and the CPU use remains high.

Virus Scope is set to only monitor containment apps.

Thanks for the help, I’ll be disappearing for half a day but I’ll check back later.

Maybe an Avira incompatibility. Check HIPS event logs to see if any blocking is being done such as avira trying to access comodo processes in memory.

Avira and Comodo have always played nice together for me and I’ve been running both for years.

Anyway, did a bunch of scans, felt safe, so I reinstalled Comodo, problem fixed.

Thanks for your time.