Very high CPU usage of Defense+!


I tried the Defense + protection layer of CIS+. I tried the clean pc, and the safe mode, too.
But, the usage of defense + is problematic: if defense + active, the cpu usage is very high: 20-30% or more. (cfp.exe)
CPU: core i3, OS: Win7 x64
This is unacceptable.

And very strange: if I choose the disabled option, the cpu usage is constant.
Only if I choose Permanently disable the defense+ (and after system restart), can I limit the cpu usage (cfp.exe 0-2 %).

How can I avoid the high cpu usage?


do you use the antivirus?

i dont. my both processes of comodo usually are not having active processor time.
is there something in the logs, what tells us about “happenings” which could consume processor time, as comodo tries to block it?

naturally, I use AV: Avast free.
And if I must choose between cpf, and avast-the decision is easy. avast.
but, the problematic here isn’t the avast: if I use the defense+ and Google chrome together, the CPU usage will be very high-not only the cpf.exe, but the chrome exe uses 30% cpu power.
Without cpf, chrome uses 0%.
and, naturally, chrome is my elementary software, the change to another browser is unacceptable.

of course you should not let a program decide for you what other programs you can run :smiley:

that is not the thematic here and the case :wink:
i use another antivirus too.

do the look in the logs of comodo (defense+, firewall) and in the logs of your other programs. there must be an action which consumes cpu time.
and make sure that you have not more than one program alone for one security aspect. no “double covers”.
did you disable comodos antivirus part, or have you uninstalled/not installed it?

Can you see if there is a lot of memory access by Avast to COmodo files in View Defense + Events? Can you post a screenshot of that?