Very hard coded firewall and stable but

How to stop ICPM alerts

it is 100 plus in one hour
create a rule to block ICMP and save it for dont log this alert ?

will that not log alerts?

Unless it’s absolutely essential, disable NetBT. That’ll cut down those unwanted ICMP messages by at least 85%.

You can disable it via Network Connections → right click your LAN connection → Properties → double click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) → Advanced → WINS → checkmark “Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP”. Also, uncheck “LM Hosts lookup” since you don’t need that either. Then Apply/OK in the usual way.

You are correct.

If you create a Network rule to Block (without the “create an alert” box checked) the ICMP type and make sure it is above (comes in order before) any rule that would Allow it, CFP will then Block but not Log, for that rule only.

Let us know if you need or want any help in creating and placing the rule.


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