Very disappointed in CDs latest release [merged topic]

I am very disappointed in this latest release. I use flash a lot and even though the font issue was FINALLY fixed, now the plugin doesn’t apparently work right. If I can help with the testing phases for the betas in any way let me know. I have been using browser alternatives to IE since 2003 or 2004. I was happy with CD for awhile after being disillusioned by browsers based on the Gecko engine but now I am looking for an alternative to chromium browsers. It’s amazing how the browsers seem to be regressing with each subsequent release vs progressing.

I was hoping they would include Trusteer’s Rapport like version 26 of Chrome. I put in a ticket - we’ll see. :stuck_out_tongue:

Until they get issues rectified I “downgraded” to 25.2. Anyway, welcome to the forums!

Thanks - and good luck! I plan to keep using Comodo Dragaon, because it is so crazy fast on Vista x64! But the web-scape is ever changing, so we’ll see. 8)

Cyberfox, could you describe not working right in more detail? Under what conditions does it happen? Does it happen with a clean install?

Do the mods even read all the threads on the help and bug sections…or the feedback? Take my threads and add to them the other problems I have skimmed over. I am not doing a clean install every time a new release is issued. CD has had a very persistent issue with Flash for the past four or five releases now that are not as prevalent in other Chromium browsers. Also, if IE can handle flash and Gecko can than Chromium should be able to keep up as well. If other users are having issues as I am it’s obviously not a corrupt profile issue. I honestly would like to be a beta tester because it seems that there’s not too much practical application testing in CD.

Sure we do… However, it’s impossible to keep every piece of information we read on the forum in our heads. :cry:

So if you mention “issues” your having, why not post a link to your post regarding these issues? This makes it very easy for us (as well as the developers) to backtrack to see just what it is you’re having problems with. :slight_smile:

So you’re telling me I have to copy & paste the links I have here all over the place? Surely you can look up the posts by my name. I post here frequently.

…& we’ll get snarked at for double posting, & reminded that we’re breaking the rules…

Double posting differs from linking to relevant information to help make sense of the current posting.

me to :frowning:

Moderators are volunteers who are putting their own time to help the others. They don’t get paid, they are trying to help the community.
so if everyone worked together to make each other’s life easy, then we can all help the community.


Seemingly CD developers do not care and listen to trolls that call it “whining” and “trollish” to want this persistent issues fixed.

I take great offense to have it called “whining” and “pouty” by another poster. Really sad. CD has gone downhill since 25 and instead of being grateful for technologically cognizant and experienced users we are maligned. :-TD

Hmm…many have asked for features to be installed so long ago, including myself, yet no word.

Of course, there are some that are patient…

What developers did say that? Please notice that developers and moderators come from two different places. Devs are employed by Comodo and mods are end users like yourself wit a badge.

Please corroborate with relevant quotes as you are starting toward walking on a thin line.

Depending on the required features, many are available via extensions. :wink:

Of course, but a certain feature that I was asking about cannot be duplicated with extensions, I can’t even assume that someone tried.
Either way, implemented or not, not ever at least, I won’t abandon ship.

Hi megamanx,
Sorry I am not familiar with your personal wish, all we can do is hope enough interest is generated towards our wishes in the hope that the Developers will take notice. :slight_smile:

The wish started becoming a distant memory, so it is hardly much a bother nowadays.
CD is still maintained which is good enough for me.