very disapointed with KAV detection

it’s enough, there are too many malwares this AV cant detect.

i tested avira antivir premium and it detected all things KAV failed.

i think i’ll go for avira.

Just look at the latest AV Comparitvies. Avira Premium (not Free) with 99.7 and Norton with 99%. KAV with about 97.

Theres many malware out there other AV’s CAN’T detect either. That’s why no AV has 100% Detection Rate…



People question why I use Mamutu along side NIS 2009. Its cause of your statement Josh. No security is perfect.

Prevention is your first line of Defense. :slight_smile: AV Second.


I bet you I could get a handful of samples KAV would detect, that avira couldn’t. Just remember anything above 95% detection is reliable enough if you dont click on every ■■■■ thing that comes onto your screen. The internet isn’t as scary as it seems, just have to know how to handle it.

i sent too many files undetected to kaspersky, now it’s over, if they can’t do their job, i will not too.
i got a file undetected by KAV, i sent it on and 16 engines detected a trojan.
kaspersky email reply was there’s no bad code.
i launched the code on my desktop on xp pro sp3 to see what will tell me defense+ and the file asked for high level privileges, loaded dll to communicate, i let the code ran and comdo FW alerted me about explorer that wanted to send data…so how can i trust KAV when they reply me no bad code detected and when i test the file on the system, i got network activities that want to go out from my machine ?
why a file would want highest privileges to get full control over the sytem if it’s just some patch for some app ? and why loading dll to use the network ? even windows live messenger dll, then explorer wants to send data over the network…
and it’s normal activity for a file that is a patch for some app ?
i’m not sure. and the patch is doing too what it’s coded for, patching some app to use it without licence.
i got the licence for the app but i’m always dling all new keygens or patchs for new build apps cause most of the time it’s malwares and kav fails too much.
the patch is for magic iso maker, and i bought the licence cause it’s full time and this app is good.
but the point is do i trust 16 scanners that say it’s a trojan or 1 scanner (kav) that say all is fine ?
who would trust 1 scanner over 16 ?

and about my system certainly corrupted, it’s not a prob cause i always use acronis backup.
so i’m back with xp before i started this bad file.

You need to switch your sources to more reputable ones. ;D The real, “official” keygens are almost never malware, they are just deliberate false positives introduced by tons of vendors.