Very Bad Support Comodo

I submit a ticket on 11 June 2008 still am waiting to they fix this problem this dont look at as business that a clients need to wait that long. or Maybe you should not offer this product if the support is bad and stay with only SSL becuase that the only good support your got.

This is the Ticket ID: YZM-664210

Look peoples got me someone who know what they doing on your company becuase it look like nobody nothing. This ticket be submit 11Jun 08 now is july 08 this dont look good of your business I be doing busines with your since yoru start this how you care a client that be long time


We apologize for the inconvenience, however, the domain names mentioned in the ticket are already registered to an account you may manage.

The ticket has been responded to with instructions in order for you to proceed accordingly.

Once again we do apologize for the delay and appreciate your business.

Kind regards,


Well it still not fix it be 1 month already with this ticket

Same hereā€¦ support for UserTrust is garbage

Ticket ID: CEB-807326