Very bad detection rates in System Volume Information Folder (system restore)

CAVS as stated in the subject line, really does NOT pickup many viruses in scans of System Volume folder
i downloaded a bunch of fake test viruses did a full reboot and given enough time System Restore (or something else) w/o a restore point being made a copy of the virus is written to System Volume. >:(

I discovered this when i made Windows Defender to scan System Volume folder, when it passed over a bunch a files COMODO Real-time scanner went CRAZY this technique has sometimes picked up 150 Know viruses that the Normal scan with Heuristics don’t pick up, but the real-time does.

AND yes a normal scan does pick up the same viruses anywhere else.

I hope this gets fixed as fast as possible

Windows XP 32 Bit
2.93Ghz Intel 4GB Ram
10,000 RPM hardrive

My experience has been that Comodo is very prone to false positives in the system restore folder.

I have 5 different scanners that agree that my system is clean. (Even CIS) I create a restore point and CIS will find unclassified malware there… If I scan the system volume information folder specifically with the other scanners in my arsenal, they find nothing suspicious.

Avira used to be prone to FP in restore points as well, but I haven’t been seeing that with version 9.

The thing is I know that its Not FP they are all picked up when windows defender Scans them CAVs realtime engion pickes them up.

The best AV scanner I have used is still Avast 4.8. I’m testing CIS 3.9 because of the avast yearly registration but CIS has a bunch of not good working software.

Try to install Avast free and let it run a Bootscan his wil pick up all your infected software (sorry Comodo)

Yes CAV needs improvements, its growing to be better and better each day as u see thousands of signatures are getting added, we just need to give CAV sometime to work best. :slight_smile: yes there are some false positives detected by CAV but hey thats part of improvement, as we (users) report it problems gets solved sooner and sooner… hope for best guys, 8)
After 3.8 comodo has less false positives, faster scanning speed on my system, more protection as heruistic is included (As per my info).
In my pc system volume information folder virus detection rate is good, so i can not complain any thing in that.