I have only been using the Comodo Firewall for a short time,isn’t it great?
I have a question about the various versions.There seem to be a number of different versions.
I am currently on V 2.3.6.I see there is also V2.4.11 RC1.
presumably the next version will be RC2.What will then happen to V2.3.6.I have also read that there is a PRO version.
Perhaps someone will put me straight.
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Version is the current public/final release; it’s what you get if you download from Comodo’s website.

The RC1 release is a “final” Beta release for testing of the current 2.4 Beta. The next stage would be the final/public release of version 2.4.

Because a lot of people were comparing Comodo Personal Firewall (as a “free” firewall) to Zone Alarm (as a “free” firewall), and seemed to think that they were compatible/similar products, Comodo changed the name during the Beta testing of v 2.4 to Comodo Firewall Pro. This was to show that it is in no way similar to ZA free firewall. CFP is, was, and shall continue to be Free! The “Pro” is there to show that it is a full-featured, full-version firewall; not a limited-use, limited-function firewall (like ZA) where you have to pay to get all the features.

Hope that answers your questions,


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The next version of CPF is going through beta testing and is currently on version 2.4.11 RC1 when this testing has finished it will be released as an update to
2.4 should be out of beta by around 11th Jan should all go well.

The next version of CPF has a slight name change (i.e. it no longer called Comodo Personal Firewall, but will go by the name of Comodo Firewall Pro.) this is because Comodo wanted to distinguish the firewall from other free software that it was being compared to (e.g. ZoneAlarm) and get comparisons with Pro. software instead. There will remain only one version of the firewall which will remain free.


Great gents.
Thanks a lot.Now i am fully in the picture.