Version number question???

I downloaded Comodo Personal Firewall to my desktop late last night, from the official Comodo website. It required providing an emal address, which I did. I then received the two confirmation emails with the Order Number and Activation Code.

I haven’t installed it yet…but when I right-click the setup.exe icon and select “Properties”, and then select the “Version” tab…it says “File Version”, with the description “Comodo Desktop Installer”.

Is this right? Is this what I should be seeing? And if so, once I begin installation, will it show the actual version number (like 2.3.4) anywhere of what is being installed?

Yes, when you installed the prg, you will see the right versionnumber when you click on the About-icon, inside the firewall.

Thanks for the reply, Bluesman.

OK, so how long are the “Order Number” and “Activation Code” good for?

In other words, I downloaded to my desktop…but haven’t INSTALLED…this version of Comodo Personal Firewall. What if, say, I wait a couple of weeks…and a “NEW” version comes out. Can I wait and use the same initial order number and activation code to download and install the new version? I don’t HAVE TO install this one for it to be valid for future versions, right?

Correct, install it whenever you want. Your code will work.

And IF there is some problems, just sign up for a new “Activation Code”. There is no problem with that.