Version-builds numbering policy


In the past (when BOClean was at PSC) you could sometimes see version-build numbers like for example :
4.27.001 , 4.27002 , 4.27.003 (these are just only examples).

This has been changed since Comodo acquired BOClean/PSC.

There will be no more build numbers like (for example) :
4.27.002 , 4.27.003 , etc.

That means that (for example) there will be only one version-build of 4.27.
In case a new version might be needed, it will (for example) be named 4.28.

Kevin explained it here like this:

There is one, and only one 4.27 and that's 4.27.001 ... back in the PSC days, we'd often do "after builds" and make them available since it was a pain in the ■■■■ for us to go and put out a new version number for a minor adjustment that only a handful of people might need for special situations. So you could see an 002, 003, I don't think we ever went past 004.

Under COMODO though, ANY change no matter how trivial requires an entire new “major” version number so nobody will see 002’s anymore. If a change is required, straight to 4.28.001 … the 000 versions are internal testing nly and are NEVER released to the public … hope this helps …