Version 8 won't install

Despite following Chiron’s clean install guide to the letter, version 8 (antivirus and firewall) has failed to install. I get the message that Comodo security agent could not be started. I am asked if I would like Diagnostics to fix it. When I say yes, I’m told Diagnostics has found several errors but can’t fix them. A report has been generated (attached). Under incompatible software it lists Avast.
The report also says driver error-failed for cmdHIp, cmdguard and cmderd.

This is what the report says:

Components Error=“0x00000000” Status=“Failed”>-

I’ve no idea where these remnants of Avast are. I’ve used their removal tools and have searched in Window Explorer but found nothing.

When I restore back to version 7, the tray icon has a cross on it, I can’t access the UI because themes won’t load, and Windows security center tells me it’s out of date. Previously version 7 worked fine. I have meticulously repeated Chiron’s guide procedure several times but without success.

Any help appreciatd (Vista SP2 OS).

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