Version 7 doesn't work at all

I had version 5.12 and it works perfectly for years.
Yesterday I upgraded to version 7.0.5 and boom Comodo block all my incoming connections, I try EVERYTHING but it’s simply don’t work at all. Don’t see connections in active connections, don’t see events in the log. Don’t allow rules, block everything. I lost hours.
I uninstall it and I go back to version 5.12.
Version 5.12 is very good.
Version 7 is piece of ■■■■.

there are 2 things that I hate on CIS 7: the gui lag problems & the gui itself. the features and protection are great…

Im intented to o back to v5 too, but ill do a tryout on cis8 when it comes to b3 or rc…

Well, check this
Just found it.

Please stop spamming your opinion in topics that are not related to you experiences.

The royal road from v5 to v7 is either a clean install or go from v5 to v6 to v7.