Version 7 and Immunicity

I uninstalled v6.3 and installed v7 this morning. I exported my Configuration to my desktop prior to uninstalling v6.3 and imported it again once I had installed v7. Other than not remembering my Rulesets it appeared to work. Once I got online I found that I cannot access kickass torrents and although I can access the Immunicity site I cannot access the check immunicity link as it times out likewise Kickass torrents. I have checked the DNS servers as I okayed the Comodo secure servers during install. They were set at 156-154-70-22 & 156-154-71-22 thinking that this might be the problem I changed them to the same Comodo secure servers as my Router ie 8-26-56-26 & 8-20-247-20 but this didn’t help. While installing CIS I got a pop up saying something like Comodo has found a new network which I named Home and continued with the install. While changing the DNS numbers I noticed that my Home Network in Windows was names as Network 3 while I saw in my Comodo Global Rules that it is called Home Network #1. I thought that I could just change it but in the drop down box in Global Rules it only has the options for Zone #1 & Loopback Zone How can I either change this back to Home Network #3 in Windows or change the Global Rule to Zone #1?.