Version 5 vs 6

Version 5.12 had a great top line - Summary, Firewall, Defense+, and More. From there it was easy to navigate to what you wanted to do. I can’t find any of this in Version 6. Where has it gone? In particular, I want to be able to tell the Firewall what network zones are in my home network so they will work. How do I find this in Version 6?

From main screen - Tasks > Firewall Tasks > Advanced Settings > Network Zones > right click and select Add > New Network Zone

You can put those buttons into the main userinterface tray.
Right click an entry, and select “move it to quick start tray”. Dont know the name atm.

Unfortunately, the ability to easily manipulate zones is missing in version 6, you now have to do everything manually. Hopefully it will make a return…