Version 5.8.213334.2131 - how do I set up a "safe file" list ??

I have installed C I S Version 5.8.213334.2131 and whenever it scans, it quarantines all files that it thinks are virus’. This is actually very annoying because I know for a fact that the files it is moving are not virus’s at all.

Instead of automatically moving files, how about adding a feature where the software actually ASKS FIRST, before it moves things.

If this is already available, please give me step-by-step instructions how to enable it…

Also, I was unable to find any way to tell the software that these files are safe, and should be ignored. I think this is called whitelist… but again, I could not see how to set up one of these whitelists… Can you help with how this is done also please.


Go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Real Time Scanning, and make sure Do not show antivirus alerts isn’t enabled.

Then go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Scheduled Scanning, and make sure Automatically clean threats found during scanning isn’t enabled.

To add to the AV exclusions, go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Exclusions. Anything you add here will be exempt from AV scans.

If you want to add these files to the Defense+ trusted files list, go to Defense+ → Trusted Files.

Thankyou HeffeD for your very quick and helpful reply. I appreciate it. :-TU