Version 42 install fails


I have now tried many times to update to the latest version from v36, the first time I tried from the browser startup prompt the install failed with the error “can’t find dragonsetup.exe” Further attempts by this method have either failed to complete the download or with the latest install error being “Dragon update install failure?” with no other clue to the problem. Attempts to download the file through Help/about fail at 95% and downloads direct from the link in the forum update notification post always fail.

Any ideas what may be the problem? Thanks.

Hi dderrekk,
I suggest clearing your downloads history and try to download the installer again from the Forum link.
Or try the download using another browser.
Comodo Dragon Version is now available.

If successful, then run the installer and select the upgrade option (Screenshot).

Kind regards.

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Thanks for reply, but after many attempts from other browsers and also update option downloads all failing at 95-97%

Managed to upgrade to Version today :slight_smile:

Only problem I have is that pepper flash is out of date and will not update.

Hi dderrekk,
Using the following site.

  1. Select your operating system.
  2. Select FP 18 for Opera and Chromium-PPAPI.
  3. Close the browser and navigate to the recently download installer and execute.
    Current Flash version

Kind regards.


Thanks, I’ve tried that a few times but the install always fails then takes me to

Following the instructions there always fails too.

Hi dderrekk,
Does this occur during the initial download of the installer file or during execution?



The installer file download and executes showing a window with a blue download bar, which then becomes a grey bar with a red cross to the right of it. Clicking on the Finish button takes me to the page in my previous post.


Hi dderrekk,
Check in Windows control panel ‘Programs and Features’ and uninstall any existing Flash PPAPI if present.
Try downloading and running the full installer from the direct download link below est 18.3 MB.
Flash Player for Opera and Chromium-based browsers - PPAPI

If you are still experiencing the issue, you could run the Flash uninstaller tool and try again.
Note: Running the uninstall tool will remove all Flash versions including NPAPI (For Firefox etc) and ActiveX (For Internet Explorer) versions.
Uninstall tool for Flash-Adobe Help


Hi captainsticks,

The first option has solved the problem, I noticed the install file being downloaded previously was only 1.16MB. I had been reluctant to remove flash completely for fear of it not re-installing :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help



Hi dderrekk,
Glad to hear the problem is solved. :slight_smile:

The first method posted in reply 4 is using an online installer, the second method posted in reply 8 is using a full offline installer.
Hence the difference in download size.
The offline installer is more reliable if you are experiencing any connection glitches.

Kind regards.