Version 4 installer is not working for us

I like this program but I cannot update to Version 4 because of the installer

The same is true with the upgrade …fixes a plenty and the installer stops dead at the same point :frowning:

I Have my own forum contacts asking me what is wrong and I’ve tried the “fixes” workarounds on these forums and come up with a nothing to offer them in the way of advice ???
I shall have to keep Version 3 going until the fix is posted
I am Needing the 64 bit version in a few weeks Time (for a new build computer) but It too looks as if that will be a Version 3 if this issue is not resolved 88)

Where does the installer stop?

What do you mean with “The same is true with the upgrade”? Notice that the update, using the build in program updater, from v3.14 to v4 is still not available as of yet.