Version 3

Nothing but problems, I installed the CFW 3.0 and I had it in training mode, safe mode, all of them and I am getting nagging balloon popups wanting to allow these programs all the time especially Nod32 (which should be a trust app) but it keeps asking me! I loved the older CFW I had NO problems this it what so ever…tell me what settings should this FW be on so I get NO nagging popups wanting permission again? I allow it to connect to my Firefox browser and it won’t allow it even though I allowed it to…I am having the hardest time with the FW accepting BOClean, and Nod32.

I have exactly the same problem, it’s driving me insane… :o :cry:
Anyone has any idea what can be done?

Odd… I don’t use BOClean but I DO use NOD32 and have had no issues whatsoever. You HAVE given all of NOD32’s in-memory modules “trusted application” staus, correct? Any AV does a lot of mucking about in other processes’ business which certainly trips Defense+ (as it should) otherwise.

Once you have given BOC Trusted Application status, you also have to open the BOC Excluder and put the 5 CFP processes on the BOC list (include Cmdagent as well as the .exe files showing a shield icon).

I really liked CFW the older version, this one is driving me up the wall, I mess around with it everyday with no luck…I don’t like Zonealarm but I might have to resort to that if I can’t get this one to work…

ya I give these programs permission all the time, and tell it to remember it also and it don’t.

any other suggestions so that this don’t happen

should it be on learning, safe mode what? all the settings so that this stops.

You say you liked CFP 2.4 , so why don’t you use it for now if the current 3.0 version is driving you crazy :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I could do that, but I would like to get v3.0 to work you know what I mean…I want to know what settings to use…like should I use safemode, learning mode or what ever the settings are.


should both of the setting options be on train with safe mode? any input please :SMLR

Erm…hehe…this may sound a bit weird but is v3.0 still a beta? (:TNG)

Just a word of support for Comodo FW3, BoClean and NOD32 2.7 – they are all working together on my Win XP SP2 machine without me having to muck around with any of them.

Open the GUI for CFP3. Click on the Misc tab. Click the About link. Do YOU see “beta” anywhere in the description of its version? Now go visit See “beta” anywhere on that web page?

For the CAVS product, yep, Comodo indicates it is a beta version. They do not indicate anywhere that CFP 3.0 is a beta release. Fact is, I’m sure CFP 3.0 would qualify as a beta release. Considering the fixes needed to it, it is more like an Alpha v2 or pre-Beta release - but Comodo themself adds not qualifier to their version 3 of CFP that says it is a beta release.

The only way i’ve found I can get defense+ to work right now is in training mode. Anything else and it gives massive problems, at least for me. Even in training mode I get a lot of pending files and have had a hard time setting up programs to work properly. Hopefully defense+ will be more bearable in upcoming updates. Till then, give training mode a try.

well for the time being I am putting network defense and proactive defense setting them both in train with safe mode. I will see how that goes, the other settings don’t work…haven’t tried this yet, hopefully this will work, if not, I am sure I will posting back.

Sorry but I don’t understand this, could you explain please?

BOC inspects the CFP processes in memory. CFP protects its processes, so it generates alerts when ANY program tries to mess with them. To prevent this, right-click the BOC icon and click “Program Excluder”. On the Excluder window, click File on the menu bar and select File Explorer. From the browse window navigate to C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall (or wherever you have CFP installed). Then drag the CFP .exe files that show the shield icon and Cfpagent.exe to the excluder window - one at a time. Then close the File Explorer and click “Done” on the Excluder window and finally click “Close this window” on the BOC menu.

still no luck with this 3.0 version, I put nod32 in trust application and it still wants to recognize it as a web browser everytime. any suggestions? (i also tick the box for it to remember the application as well) not very happy at this point.

Try this: click Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy. On that page locate the entry or entries for NOD32’s components. Select them and “Remove” them using the button on the side of the page. Make sure that you get all of them. Then reboot and run NOD32 or do whatever is needed to pop up an alert for it. When you see the alert, click the “Treat this program as…” option and select “Trusted Program” from the drop-down. There is a known bug that results in multiple rules being generated due to a program acting in ways that are not covered by the first set of permissions and then neither set of permissions working because of conflicting rights.

Do not worry. The new version should be released within a week and has proven successful with almost all the testers so far.