Version 3...266 (and 268) going mad - not remembering decisions

As of today, totally out of the blue, my installation of version 3 build 266 (and also the updated build 268) has gone totally mad.
It is not remembering any decision; it has stopped treating other Comodo apps (BOClean and verification engine) as trusted apps; it doesn’t accept any applications I mark as trusted as such.

I’m on WinXP Home SP2

I have had to shut down Comodo Firewall, and I am relying on my working and stable installation of Prevx2.

Any ideas?

My security set up is: SpywareBlaster, Verification Engine, BOClean, WinPatrol, AVG 7.5 free, Prevx2, Comodo Pro Firewall 3(currently turned off)


I think that is Prevx2 that interferes with CPF3.
I did not well understand if Prevx2 was already installed before CPF3.

Hello MarkTrent

Here is what I did when I experenced what you did. I refused to remove CFP 3 as I think it is the only firewall that I trust at this point. Instead I noted the problem applications (one of which was BOClean) and then removed all their entries from “Firewall” → “Network security policies” → “application rules” and from “Defense+” → “computer security policy”. I then rebooted my PC and restarted all my apps that I had removed the rules for and answered all the popups that came up as “installer or updater”, “browser”, “Trusted application”, etc. This calmed everything right down and it has had only a few popups since - no repeats.

Try this and see if it will work for you.


Have experienced this problems two or three times now, usually when installing or uninstalling software where many elements are written to My Pending Files which seems to take an age, and machine slows to almost stationary. Any attempts to terminate software usually leads to CFP3 throwing out requests for every event especially BOClean events because it no longer recognises the program as the one specified in the rules so creates new ones and continues not to recognise even those newly created.

So, I do nothing with CFP3, I uninstall BOClean (reboot), reinstall BOClean (reboot) and everything returns to normal.

I’m hoping the next patched release will correct this.

This problem has been around for a while and the fix works, but you will still get alerts for BOC and some other programs that monitor memory. When those programs try to monitor CFP in memory, there will be an alert and CFP will prevent the attempt. To eliminate those problems, put CFP on BOClean’s Excluder (and put CFP on the safe list for any other program that monitor’s memory). For BOC, right-click the tray icon and then click Program Excluder (this may be hidden below the bottom of the tray icon menu - reveal it by dragging the lower menu frame down). On the Excluder’s menu bar, click File and select File Explorer. On the Explorer window, browse to C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall (or the location where you installed CFP) and drag the CFP exe icons onto the Excluder window. Drag all the icons that have the shield icon and Cfpagent.exe as well. Then close the Explorer window and click Done on the Excluder window and close the tray icon menu.

Hi AnotherOne,

The problem I described above occurred when I already had all the CFP exe’s in the BOClean Excluder.

I should also have added to Remove all the progra~1 entries from the Defense+ Computer Security Policy to clean your profile up. In my case these were all BOClean’s BOC425.exe and CFP3’s cmdagent.exe.

You mention the temporary fix but has anybody identified the actual root of the problem.

Regards, V

Supposed to be fixed in the next release.