Version 3.13.119746.572 : 17th November, 2009 Crashes XP

On installing 3.13 update, CIS (Version 3.13.119746.572) crashes if you do not reboot straight away. On subsequently rebooting windows XP freezes, requiring a turn off and on. The problem continues on subsequent reboots.

  1. Processor: 32 bit
  2. Your Operating System & version: XP SP3
  3. Other Security and Utility Software Installed (eg Norton Internet Security 2009): Comodo - CIS, CVE, CIV, CLP, Easy VPN; Other- Filezilla, Wallwatcher, Sony Ericsson PC software, Actual Window Manager, Routerstats, Revo, Process Explorer, Copernic Desktop,
  4. Steps to replicate: sorry did not want to put PC out of commission again today.
  5. How you tried to resolve it:
    a) Reboot (big red switch)
    b) Boot into safe mode with networking, leave for at least one hour. My computer was usable in this mode.
    c) Boot into normal mode, leave for at least 1 hour, during which AV database tries to update (again and again and again). Then it does, then all is OK. (On v 2978 now). (Coomputer unusable during this period - too slow)
  6. CIS Mode: AV:stateful FW: safe D+:Safe (Image Execution: Aggressive)
  7. Administrator account
  8. Other info: Think this maybe because new version does not like operating with the old AV defs, but cannot get them quickly due to server load.

Hey there!
Got the same problem with Windows 7. Got a blue screen after reboot. Fortunately I had my system saved before installing the new CIS version.

I second this person’s miserable experience! I use XP SP3. The initial upgrade yesterday took more than an hour (and I have a T-2 connection). Once installed XP froze after the reboot as programs loaded. I had to reset my computer (push the on-off button). I went into Safemode and uninstalled CSI. Finally, my computer booted cleanly. So this morning I did a clean install and rebooted as required. My computer booted up just fine. I thought, wow, maybe this worked. But, wait! Once the VirusDEF file update engaged I was in an endless frozen loop again.

I had to re-image my hard drive from a Norton Ghost back up I made prior to all of this updating. Good to think ahead. Now I’m shopping around for alternative security solutions. COMODO, you ■■■■■■■ the pooch!

I just had to do a system restore after the last update this morning. I’m back to 3.13.119746.572, its re updated the files, so far so good.

System was completely unusable.

Worse than the last bad update.
0. 32bit AMD Barton

  1. OS Win XP SP3
  2. panda usb vaccine
  3. just boot
  4. scan with malwarebytes in safe mode. restore the bases.cav file
    5 av on access, safe on others
    6 admin acount
  5. losing faith in comodo’s update system