Version 3.13.119746.572 : 17th November, 2009 Crashes XP

Version 3.13.119746.572 : 17th November, 2009 — Froze XP PRO SP3 ---- DEAD!!! BEWARE!!! HELP!!!

My Computer Specs:

XP PRO SP3 - IE 7.0 - Microsoft Updates Current to Date.

AMD Athlon XP 2500+

1GB PC2700

320GB Seagate Serial HD

Asus A7N8X-Deluxe E

The problem can be duplicated.

When rebooted for upgrade changes to take effect, XP loads and then the screen and everything including Task Manager cannot be accessed.

Complete Freeze Over!

Now and forever a hard reboot every time.

After Hard Reset, reboot into safe mode and then activated CIS Version 3.13.119746.572 : 17th November, 2009

Once booted into safe mode, Disabled Anti-Virus Security Level and Disabled Security & Defense.

Reboot and the computer did not freeze with only firewall enabled, but now no protection.

I downgraded to the previous configuration before I had another Chernobyl.

Again, Version 3.13.119746.572 : 17th November, 2009 – Is a disaster for XP PRO SP3!


Same scenario, same disastrous results PLUS I can’t get XP to boot into Safe Mode to disable the AV, etc.
Hitting F8 at boot doesn’t work. I have a wireless keyboard; could that be the reason? (I can’t get my hands on a wired keyboard until tomorrow…)

Any HELP would be most appreciated.

Great. I’m running XP Media Center Edition (based on Pro) SP3. Now I don’t feel terribly inclined to try updating to 3.13 for quite awhile, since 3.12 is working fine for me.

Can we please get an update process that no longer involves “cross your fingers and hope to god that your PC doesn’t become a brick”?

Update on <<Same scenario, same disastrous results PLUS I can’t get XP to boot into Safe Mode… I have a wireless keyboard; could that be the reason?..>>

I got around the functionless F8 issue by logging in and immediately doing the following as fast as possible before CIS loaded in the task bar: click Start button, click Run…, type “msconfig”, click OK, click BOOT.INI tab, check /SAFEBOOT, click OK.

XP loaded in Safe Mode, disabled all but Firewall, rebooted normally.

Now: What’s best/easiest way to downgrade to previous config as stated by Surfinusa? Do I just run the installer for the previous version, 3.12.111745.560? (Just want to be sure I take an informed step backwards, eh.)

If your BIOS has an option for “enable legacy USB support” it might fix that problem. I have the same issue with my wireless/USB keyb not working in the grub boot manager.

Note that if you try this, it may help to disable it again later - on my machine enabling this option slows down performance in general if left on.

Same issue here, as mentioned in this thread, posted just before yours.

same thing here
did update >restart >system freeze

reset and went in safe mode to disable cis from running at startup, using msconfig
turned on windows firewall and restarted
i can now use the pc (to type this) but windows security center says comodo antivirus is running
and cmdagent.exe is using alot of memory
i started cis again and it says its being updated? i wonder if it just freezes while its downloading the virus database?
hope they fix this soon as i am using windows firewall with no anti virus at the moment

Same here, sorry you are having problems too,

This worked for me:

  1. Reboot (big red switch)
  2. Boot into safe mode with networking, leave for at least one hour. My computer was usable in this mode.
  3. Boot into normal mode, leave for at least 1 hour, during which AV database tries to update. Then it does, then all is OK. (On v 2978 now). (Computer unusable during this period - too slow).

Hope this might help until there is furthewr guidance.


  1. Your Operating System & version (eg XP SP3): XP SP3
  2. Other Security and Utility Software Installed (eg Norton Internet Security 2009): Comodo - CIS, CVE, CIV, CLP, Easy VPN; Other- Filezilla, Wallwatcher, Sony Ericsson PC software, Actual Window Manager, Routerstats, Revo, Process Explorer, Copernic Desktop,
  3. Email client & version (eg Outlook 2003): Outlook 2003


I heard of this strange thing … what was it called, again? Product testing? :wink:

Download this from CNET it is the previous version 3.12

uninstall your previous version reinstall version 3.12 and run Signature updates only not program updates.

You should be fine until comodo fixes bug.

well i dont know now ive allready put avast anti virus in
and the above reply although legit (thanks) was from a newb like me

Does anyone know if there’s an acknowlegement/fix pending for CIS 3.13.*.572?

Rather than going thru the effort of downgrading to the previous version, I’m still running *.572 with all disabled except firewall pending a fix. S’not a problem when I’m online, but I prefer not to risk having family members going online with AV, Defense+, etc. disabled. I’ll downgrade if need be, but aaarghh…

P.S. Thanks dexotaku for the info on keyboard “legacy/USB support”. Thanks Surfinusa for your help.

Same prob here with XP SP3 bricked three of my machines, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth as I really appreciate the effort and have had a long time of free Firewall & AV from Comodo which I still rate against paid for equivelents but thats twice now my machines have been rendered useless with Comodo products. I suffered the Reg cleaner page file problems and now this.

More testing needs to be done before releasing.

Hi junipero

See this announcement from egemen.;msg342894#msg342894


JJasper: Thanks for the link. As prescribed, I was able to uncheck “Scan memory on start”, reactivate AV and Defense+, and keep on pushing.