Version 3.11.108364.552 : 25th August, 2009 update messages

I installed the abovementioned update when prompted few days ago, but every time PC (XP SP2) boots up I still get the update available message. Any ideas?

I installed the .557 update on Weds and the .552 Thurs, (XP SP3) and also keep getting prompts to install .552.

It’s getting kinda annoying :frowning:

There is a new version of CIS available 3.12


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Doesn’t seem to be available to me, Dennis.

I live in Western Pennsylvania, USA and as of this moment the release notes that are posted when I click on ‘about update’ (or whatever it says) are for v 3.11.108364.552

Even attempting an update via the program instead of via the prompt gets the same release notes. ???

The release notes are always a bit behind you can read them here on the forum.


So how does the average (non-forum-visitor) user know what update they are getting ?

Seriously, Do we just install and see what we get ??

No offense intended, but I don’t think that’s any way to go about an update.

If Micro$oft had us install their patches and then told us what the patches were, people would be pretty irate, but Comodo seems to be giving itself a free pass on this very poor communication.

People should be able to know what update they are getting before they install it.

(BTW, “Update Details” was what I meant in the previous post.)

Installed update despite update details still indicating 3.11.108364.552 as latest release, now got v3.12. I agree with jeeprad’s comments.

The forums always get the new releases first. Including the release notes.


OK, that’s fine for us who thought to come to the forum…
But what about the probable large majority of CIS users who don’t come here?

Update details shouldn’t be “inside information” !

What about the people who turn on their computer, get the update splash screen, check the update details and find that the update is (apparently) a month old?

These people have every reason to believe that the update notice was wrong.
Besides, every other software tells you their release notes of the release that you are installing… why can’t Comodo?

I guess all I’m really asking is why can’t somebody at Comodo take the initiative and see that the release notes correspond to the actual update before users start getting update notices? ???

I think they should be more proactive with publishing the release notes. It is unfortunately not the first time it is noticed…