Download full versions; patches are still for .276

Seems to do the uninstall and reinstall smoothly for most users just by running the .exe.

Don’t forget to export your settings first if upgrading.

Seems to go well with the update function on No problems just a reboot necessary.


My update still didn’t see it. Reboot after removal no problems, reboot after installation had a problem with D+ not showing applications, another boot and everything seems fine with reimported settings. And the leftover Vista updates did install fine.

Where can I find the changelog for this version? I like to see what’s different in new versions when I upgrade.



* Fixed the bug causing Windows Updates to fail in Windows Vista
* Fixed the bug causing Windows to show "Access Denied" message while deleting a folder

Sigh… I was hoping for more bug fixes than that.

Al ( you can’t please everybody ) Adric

Does this version fix the ‘Comodo Firewall does not start in the installation directory’ bug? – This usually happens when you swap drives around (externals) and the boot-up partition changes.

Well, speaking from the point of view of a Vista user who just tried (unsuccessfully) to install 2 updates before this update came along, I think it’s a BIG deal! ;D

I’ll try updating again tonight and see if it works. 8)


I can confirm that the “installation directory” bug still exists.

What do you mean with not showing applications?

D+ said there were no applications running until I booted yet again. Then everything went back to normal. :slight_smile:

Hi all,
Automatic update successful this morning from the during un LUA session on a Windows XP SP2.
It asks for a restart.
After that, allway under LUA, Comodo Diagnostics detects some problem that it was unable to solve until I redo under admin account.
It works now fine.
Thank you for your great work.

Hi everyone!

I just installed comodo and it’s blocking launchy (utility for starting applications) to start applications even after adding it to “My Own Safe Files”. When Defense+ is disabled, launchy works fine.

How can I enable launchy to start applications?


Got update this morning pc ask to install after sleep (vista) did not know sleep can check things.
Boot times much faster CFP appears quicker so wireless get oked faster which stops things complaining.

Wish the Vista update was fixed earlier as had to remove Friday to do do the sp1 rc again as while testing have to remove sp1 sometings to check bugs and sp1 would fail when cfp installed.

Might test but it takes a while to do.
Oh yeah sp1 rc vista don’t hurt CFP so far (bar the update problem which may be fixed).

You’re doing a remarkable job (V)

Smooth update (just a restart) on XP SP2 (32bit) (:CLP)

(btw: when wish list is going to be attendant (besides bug fixes) ? )


Install without any problem. (XP-SP2-32bits) (:CLP)
But… Active Connections are missing some connections now. ??? P2P with 3 different IP’s uploading and CFP showing only 2 (!); bytes “in” is refreshed quickly for some connections but bytes “out” takes a long time to refresh. I hope the firewall is working, doing its job… and don’t miss any unwelcome connection… Checked with “netstat”, the “third” connection exists and is not showed at CFP.

Log is exported to a wrong path (when exported), filename begin with the name of the last folder selected. How can I open those .sdb exported files?

One month for a new version with ONLY 2 “fixes”… :THNK

Tried to install via Comodo Updater without success:

Error 118: Update could not be completed. Not able to communicate with COMODO Firewall Pro Helper Service!

Your temp.fix Nr. 1 (update.bat) worked for me to install Vista updates. Nr 2 didn’t work, because Defense+ never worked for me and i disabled it after 3rd unsuccessful reboot.

Fresh Install of the new version worked. But now, i cant play FEAR because of an MD5-error from Punkbuster.

BUG: If I want to open the “Browse…” Window - nothing happens! Example: Define new trusted App → Select → Browse…

Still now Win2033 support?

Perfect! Auto-update worked well and missing MS updates are installed without any problems.

Good job Comodo!!


Harry (:NRD)