version 29 fails to complete functioning through Yahoo Mail sessions

Trying to attach a document to email, Comodo Dragon fails to complete the task or responds without finishing, meaning never finishes responding.

Trying to send an email through Yahoo, C.D. works for a few minutes to send and then stops, and a few seconds later says, “… Server Error…”.

Trying to sign on to Yahoo account went very slowly with no arrival-to-account response; only the flashing dots in tab and the rotating cursor.

Immediately using a different browser, no trouble with signing in to Yahoo account, attaching document, nor sending the email message.

Comodo Dragon version 29.0.0 Problem!
Windows Vista, on Toshiba Laptop Satellite computer
Comodo Dragon 29.0.0, Portable version.

Hi string_game,
Try disabling ‘Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header)’ found under privacy in the advanced settings.


too late to find out anything. I had in fact version, and apparantly not version 29.