The Auto installation of Version has totally ■■■■■■■ my CD installation. The following Extension problems occurred…

1.All my Speeddial2 settings were wiped out,
2.DNT+ keeps reinstalling itself every time I open CD
3.AdBlock keeps reinstalling every time I open CD
4. My gmail settings to Auto login are not working & it keeps asking me to fill in my login in details & password.

I’m still finding out what else may be a problem…Not happy!!

I guess I’ll have to do a system restore to overcome all these problems, since I’ve done nothing but boot VISTA & found all these problems.

It’s a problem being the 1st countyr in the world to wake up every day & discover software problems because deployment hasn’t been debugged!!

I have the same problem. I posted on a different thread about it.
Some people are having the problem some are not.
It seems that the only way to stop this is to revert to the previous version.
I did and it is OK.

Hooray !! V22.1.1.0 seems to have fixed all my problems…thanks guys.