Version and Vista

Just to confirm my personal experience that version appears to be working well under Vista.




I am new here. I was wondering where I can get the beta?


Hi and welcome,

Thanks for your feedback. That’s good to hear. :wink:


Hi and welcome,

Version can be downloaded from
This is not a beta product, but a final release version. There is no current beta available for V-Engine.


Thanks for the reply. I should have said I interested in the Vista verison of Comodo personal firewall. Sorry about that.

You may download the beta for version 3 of the firewall from the following thread:

[CFP v3.0.7.208 Beta for XP/Vista x32 and x64 is now available! :)]

You will need to be logged into the forum to download, and you should be aware that the beta does have bugs which may cause instability and other problems.