Version 2.4 stability and support

I’m going to switch to Comodo soon (from ZA), and I still have Win2000 on one of my computers. As I can see, I have to put version 2.4 there. Does this version still get patches (if a vulnerability or instability problem arises), or is it final for Win2000?

It’s a final, but before installing Comodo, please take a look here for the complete deletion of ZA

Have fun :slight_smile:


I know about the full ZA uninstall, been there a couple of times… (:LGH)
What is the date of the final version of 2.4 series?

The development of V2.4 has stopped I think… So this is the final version


Yes, Comodo has not said they will be releasing any more updates for the 2.4 series. Their main focus is the new 3.X series as well as their upcoming internet security suite, desktop utilities, and antivirus. They have a lot on their plate, and because not so many use Windows 2000 anymore as it is considered legacy, it is unlikely anymore patches will be released :-\