Version 2.4 Skin in next build

It would be an great idea to the next build that would had the version 2.4 skin , I mean more colorful, I find that the one the present version it’s too pale. I don’t know it’s a question of taste.

What’s your opinion?

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It is a good idea !

I’ll second that (or should I say third that :smiley: ). I miss 2.4’s “XP style” Interface.


I think there’ll be a v. 2.4 skin once the developers are done with the program for creating skins.
If not, you could make it yourself :wink:


yes, just imagine - the first skinnable firewall ever :BNC (L)

It’s already skinnable! :slight_smile: Panic already posted where CFP places its skins, you can modify the image files there yourself to customize your own CFP. :slight_smile: (You may want to backup them first just in case you want to go back or start afresh.) Moreover the skins can be different for every Windows user account in the same computer. :slight_smile: The location of CFP’s skins is:

[b]\Documents and Settings_____\Application Data\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data\ResFiles[/b]

(… where “_____” is your Windows username.)


thank you very much :-))) should i also thank you if i occasionally kill my CFP? (:WIN)

Mine is empty folder (:SAD)

There should be two. One for v2 and one for v3.

Yes it would be a great idea, I miss the v2.4 feel, and yes, there’s the option but it’s empty, because remember this is the first v.3.0 build… … 13… hmmmm yeah I know why there are so many users experience problems… as a curious data did you know that the next Office code name will be “Office 14”? hehehehe


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