Version 2.4 is better then 3

The version 2.4 are has wants to upgrade too often.
I had to allow upgrade to version 3 and got a too more problems with it:

  1. New interface now is too dificult for tech man. I want to control all ports manually ,
    I does not want register all system components and all programs. I just want to control ports. But V3 does not have feature for disabling additional features (monitoring applications and components) as was in V2.4

  2. In new intefrace creating new rules are unusable, because in summary table is not have description what it rule means. need perform clicks for it. I doesn’t like to write what a rule I create if I can see it in rules grid.

  3. New interface did not have easy to use status and control panel, need perform too more clicks
    to find where I can disable feature.

  4. Vista theme on my XP may be cool but I don’t like Vista theme.

Bottom line:
V 2.4 have a simple and too more functional interface. Except some UI usability bugs in rule grid and activity grid ( keyboard are not binded completely), which may be already fixed in latest builds.

Do not need intergrate the top level defence in low level tool. V2.4 concept is better then in V3 .
Each defence on itself level:

  1. Firewall (network monitor, allow/block acces to ports)
  2. Network Attacks monitor ( analyses network activity)
  3. Applications monitor (analyses application activity)
  4. Components monitor (analyses component activity)
  5. next levels (antivir , etc…)

Interface should have easy functions for tech man with multilevel configuration and for stupid man with one button “block all”/unblock all

Interface should inherits the system theme by default.

WBR, av

I’m with comm with most of the bullet points he mentioned.

my suggestions about v3 are here:;msg108534#msg108534

as long as the usability/structure of v3 isn’t like v2.4, i’ll stick with the v2.4

v2.4 (still) rules! :smiley: