Version 2.4 causing reboots when online

I use CPF, XP Pro Sp2 , Antivir (Avira) as AV, Ewido Antispyware real time, 2 Gig Ram on Atlhon 64 X2 4400.

I have approximatively 3 or 4 sudden reboots (No blue screen) per week when browsing (Firefox), or just talking to a friend with Skype. No other program open.

Memory tests are ok.

To be sure, I ghosted my OS partition, remove CFP , cleaning registry, then installed My good old Kerio 2.1.5. For 10 days no one Bsod or reboot.
Back to CPF, reboots came back 3 times this week. No errors into event viewer.
So, reboots are CPF related (:AGY)

Your issue seems just like Mabs’ (Reply #6) here:,6747.0.html

I’m sure it’ll help the devs with your mini dump (if there was one created).

Hello, sorry if this topic already came up i searched the board but i couldn’t find anything regarding my issue, since my computer doesn’t BSOD or hardlocks… I recently installed CF but for some reason this is the only fw that makes my system reboot at the strangest times (Agnitum, Kerio, Norman etc… dont have these issues when tried and tested)… Whenever i get into the server room i find that the system has rebooted… Im currently only testing this fw, on a fresh install XP pro containing the latest updates from ms and no other programs installed. Everything seems to be related to the DHCP renewal (behind a linksys router), so i followed several comments already mentioned here, opened up UDP 67-68… Creating all the necessary trusted zones/rules, disabled Protocol Analysis etc… but alas no avail. Even when i completely disable the network monitor, i still find it rebooted… Any ideas what might be causing these issues? … This looks like a very good fw, hope this is something that the lot of you can shed some light on…

It sounds like, if your computer is rebooting, that you’re getting bsod’s, and the reboot aspect is turned on (so you don’t see the bsod). You should be able to find the minidump file here: %SystemRoot%\Minidump. You can post the minidump in this thread:,6747.0.html

Also, if you click the “My Computer” icon, right-click, Properties, Advanced, Startup and Recovery, Settings, you should see a box for “Automatically restart.” Uncheck the box, and you’ll be able to see the bsod and associated error message (the next time it happens, that is).


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