Version Every other day update of the same version

since v6526 I get an update notification every other day - to the same version 6526. I installed the update several times, the notifications continue.
What can I do to stop that?

Hi Bege,

Can you please share the following logs for further investigation

  1. cislogs.sdb file from the location C:\ProgramData\COMODO\Firewall Pro
  2. Provide CIS installation logs
    Go to Temp folder in Windows by going to Windows Run (Windows Key + R key in keyboard) and type in ‘%temp%’ (without quotes) and press Enter key and find log file with naming convention as ‘cmdinstaller.exe_X_X.log.7z’ file.
  3. msinfo32.nfo and Windows Event logs using this guide.

Please upload the requested logs in any online storage and provide us the download link.

Kind Regards,

I sent you the link via PM.