Verificationengine and phising

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I want to tell you guys that I am verry happy with verification engine! I like it a lot when doing transaction on the internet, because the verification engine helps me checking the authencity of the websites I am dealing with. That is also helping against phising in some sort of way

My question goes a bit further than that actually:

Does verificationengine warns you against spoofing and phising (like a fake yahoo, fake paypal, fake hotmail etcetera) or does it only works on secured webpages (https). Does verification engine makes the build-in anthipishingtool in IE7 unnecessary??

Any helpfull replies (read answers) are much appreciated!!

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I just want to tell you guys if you saw this:

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VE will show you if the page is right, it can only show you certificate errors in case of a fake site, it will not alert you if you are on a page which is not the original (eg. So, if you got no sign from VE, that site is fake. If the site is not listed and it’s a normal site, you can recommend it so it’ll be included later.

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Thanks for your reply. I understand the VE only checks certificate sites that are included in the database of VE. It is not an antiphisingtool like mcafee siteadvisor?? Okey, thanks a lot! It clears out a lot for me.

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It is an anti-phishing tool, it’ll show you green border on known sites and/or will show you certificate infos when you bring your mouse over the certificate icon (IE), but yes, it will not tell you anything upon finding a fake site unless the site got a fake certificate. Have a nice day, too :).


Thanks Arkangyal. I think i understand the product now, it is an anti-phising tool but not on all areas. The program works with a database of good known sites and shows you a green border when visiting, it does not have a database of known bad sites and shows you a red border for example, BUT this will happen if the bad site has a bad certificate.

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Its a whitlisting based anti-phishing tool.
instead of trying to show you what is bad, it only shows you what is good.


Goodday Melih.

I understand it now far much better. Thank you verry much for the explanation.

Is VE needed if you are using IE7 with built-in anti-phishing filter turned on ?
Thanks for any clarification.

Because IE7 does not tell you if a site is good. It only knows if a site is bad and only if this bad site is in its list of bad sites.

Why risk? Be safe, use VE!!


Finding it hard to use VE :-\

what aspect of it? so that we can improve pls.

Well Melih.

Ask the devs if instead of a user hovering over an icon and checking if its “trusted” Make it automatic like SitAdvisor, etc. I really found it hard to see if VE was working or not (Saw lil icon in sys tray).

But still, Hovering over a site icon/image to verify :frowning:

I think that’s a major drawback.


Thank you. That is irrefragable answer (L)

but VE is content specific. So if there is multiple content that is verified, then how can those verified content be shown?

there are 2 levels of authentication:

1)site based authentication
2)Content based authentication


Why not give VE the features that the phissing filter of IE7 has, the features that mcafee siteadvisor has and more powerfull give VE the features that Haute Secure gives (Haute secure also warns for dangerous content on a site). The next release of the opera browser will have build in some features of Haute Secure.

If VE gets this than you have authentication, verification, protection and prevention all in 1 product!!! Yes it would be a jewel.

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Ohhh yeah I understand but…

I mean like, have VE on every website- (Like UserTrust) a logo and then you click on that and see what contents are safe or not.

Similar to that. Do you know what I mean?