Verification Failed: Am I missing something?

I just did an image backup and received the following error in my log file:

Backup verification failed with code 100023 (Data error (cyclic redundancy check).).

I’m assuming that means one or more files changed between the backup and verification. On a Windows system it’s pretty much a given that SOMETHING is going to be changed even if you shut down all obvious programs/processes so I’m not surprised. But why doesn’t it give me ANY indication as to what file(s) failed. I mean I had Outlook running so I’m pretty sure its pst file would have changed and wouldn’t worry about any errors there but it may have been an actual corruption in the backup and I see no way to tell the difference.

Am I missing something? Does CBU really not bother to tell me WHICH file(s) the failure occurred on?

Is it because it’s an image backup? Would it be different if it were just a full backup instead?