Verification Engine . . Works GREAT!!!

Being a Dummy/Novice/Newbie have discovered the VE works GREAT even if not in the SysTray. I have it loading as startup and not displayed so there are not a very long string of Icons there. Only show the ones I use mostly for my day to day operations. This puts it TOTALLY in back ground, I do the same with FreeDownloadManager.

Thank you for reading my Poster roaster message,

NTxLS, I’m sure the developers appreciate the compliment (:WAV)

I too enjoy its use.


Thanks you NTxLS :slight_smile:


“Psych1610, Melih,”

Both of you, Thank You for reading my postist leastest opinion.

Do not know if that was an intentional feature or just a fringe benefit discovered by this “Dummy/Novice/Newbie” and wanted to pass-on the info I am using.

So far with the Great HELP of this forum and several of Comodo’s programs I am still feeling very safe and secure.

Thank you for reading my Roastest Poster,


Reason: Out-Dated post.