Verification Engine for Vista

One thing I noticed from Triple X’s post is that he is running Vista Home Premium and states that he has Verification Engine listed as installed under Security Software. Verification Engine is supposed to only work with Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems, not Windows Vista.

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I too run CVE, on my Vista Ultimate x64 system
Works correctly. I’ve had no issues with it.

So it must be working for Windows Vista.

Yes, that is true. A very long time ago they released a version that works with windows Vista… I taught it was version 2.5 or something but it worked with Vista…

That is very interesting. The only thing I have ever seen is the listing for it being compatible with Windows 2000 and XP. After reading the two previous posts, I thought I would try it on my Vista Ultimate machine and all it did was cause Windows Explorer to stop working and ultimately close. After it stopped working, it would try to restart, but would not be able to do so. Control Panel, which is tied in to Windows Explorer, would act the same way. I could never open Control Panel to see if Verification Engine was even listed as being installed there, so that I could uninstall it. When I opened the Windows Install Clean Up Utility, Verification Engine was not listed there, so I am guessing that it wasn’t listed in Control Panel either. I finally had to restore my Vista computer to an eariler date. I installed it on our XP machine sometime last year, but at that time it was only listed as compatible with Windows 2000 and XP, not Vista.

I am sorry to hear you experienced so much trouble with the installation of VE on your vista machine… It had to be a shocking experience… I am glad you managed to solve the problem…

You are right… on the site they just say it is compatible with windows 2000 and xp, but it works also on vista, the site is outdated!

check this: