Ver.5 is to Comodo what Vista was to Windows..glitchy and annoying

I had 1 problem with ver3. Easily resolved.
I had no problems with ver4.

Then ver5…
—Unable to start programs until after first starting a program from system tray. (previously posted)
—CIS continues to ask me to allow/block certain apps dispite me checking the remember answer box. It just wont remember my answer.
—Virus defs can not be downloaded using certain networks, ok with others.
—The latest and most bothersome. Starting a program, I get the “black screen of death” if CIS is running. Program runs fine when CIS is off. Only way to revive is to pull my battery out of the laptop.

Windows recovered with Windows 7
Hopefully Comodo can recover with ver6.

well you can report the bug if any here

in the following format

Thank you josinpaul. Your advice is helpful…in theory.

Only problem is, there is no fix. Only advice given to me was to uninstall ver5 and then reinstall and cross my fingers. Um…that didn’t work. Same issues.

So we’re back to the fact that ver5 is a problematic program. Sorry Comodo. I’m not a hater. I liked CIS and turned others on to it. But ver5 is BAD.

I’ve noticed that the Heroes are uncharacteristically quiet about this. This only shows me that ver5 is a problem.

How do you fix a problem that Comodo wont admit they have?

i have no problems with cis.
if v4 was ok for you then rollback to it

and pls stop talking like if you have a problem everyone have it.
im almost sure the black screen is only a popup, opened while you were starting a game
next time set cis to training then open the game

You report your problems as a bug, because obviously not everybody is experiencing this!

Bug Reports - CIS

There is no conspiracy going on… 88) The reason the “heroes” are quiet about it is because they aren’t having problems.


I wasn’t aware that the Heroes didn’t help others unless they PERSONALLY experienced the problem themselves, so I apologize for that.

I also didn’t know that I was only allowed to post problems that EVERYONE else is experiencing. Again I apologize.

Reading some of those bug reports that somewhat resemble the many bugs I’m expereincing, all I see is “No fix” next to them.

I’m no techie, I just want to turn it on, have it work right, and not even think about it. I dont have that with ver5.

Sorry River_Rat, you’re reading more into what I wrote than intended… 88)

People help out if they have some idea of what the problem may be. If they don’t, they obviously can’t help. The fact that no one knows the answer does not mean they are trying to hush anything up.

And obviously, yes you can post problems that not everybody is experiencing… You had said that Comodo isn’t admitting they have a problem. I just responded by saying that the problems you are experiencing aren’t happening to everybody. I wasn’t saying that you didn’t have a problem, merely that version 5 isn’t the huge mess that you seem to think it is, because most users aren’t having the problems you are.

The fun thing about software development is that there are countless system setups. There is absolutely no way to be compatible with every setup out there. There are bound to be some people that are experiencing problems when nobody else is. Unless you can give adequate data about what your problem actually is, there is absolutely no way it can be fixed.