Ver. 3 slowing pc to a crawl

I upgraded to v3 a couple of weeks ago and now my pc is much slower and seems to be getting worse. Tonight it was basically crippled. I check the task manager and noticed 99% cpu usage by cmdagent. I had no idea what this was but when I stopped it my pc came back to life. After searching on Google it led right to Comodo. Can someone explain or give me an idea on settings. Otherwise I’ll have to delete Comodo and try something else. I’m running XP pro along with Avast antivirus. Any help is appreciated.

Hey there Dave 33, in your post you didn’t state what version of Comodo Firewall you were using. This was a known bug a while back. A patch that was released a few weeks ago seems to have fixed the problem for most users. Can you post the version you use?

The original version most users reported having these problems with was The patch released upgraded Comodo users to

FIXED! cmdagent.exe no longer consumes 100% CPU64 Mb RAM

If you find you are using, you can get the patch here:;msg116503#msg116503

This has some good instructions about uninstalling and reinstalling the different versions concerning specific rules, etc.:;msg116588#msg116588

Please let me know if this helps.


Sorry I’m not sure what version I was using. I have since uninstalled and currently running the Windows firewall temporarily as my pc was almost at the point of locking up. I’ll go back the Comodo site and download the current version. Thanks for the help.

For the future, a way to figure out what version you’re using is to double click the fire wall icon, click the “miscellaneous” tab, then click “about”. Go ahead and follow those links to download the appropriate version for yourself just to be safe. Also, please make sure to use a registry cleaner just in case it is a different version you are downloading old remnants are not left on your system.

Please let me know the outcome. Good luck