Ver 3 Install OK on this system ... just by way of FYI

Looked in here to see if there was an answer to a quick question and, instead, found a WORLD OF HURT from some folks whose upgrade to version 3 was something of a disaster.

I did nothing special, it just worked on my system. As advertised. Like a charm. Nary a hiccup. I know forums tend to be heavily biased/weighted towards those with problems. In this case, I just wanted to weigh in myself and say that, for this fella at least, version 3 has been a breeze.

I have one or two nits to pick, but not because the program didn’t install properly, or because the system was a mess after the upgrade, etc. etc… Just some interface and procedural questions but these can wait till things settle down a bit.

I feel for the folks for whom this went south … been there, done that, have a closet full of T-shirts to bring back fond memories. I know what it feels like to the the lone (or lonely) guy for whom things don’t work as planned while everyone else says “no sweat.” To be honest, had I read this stuff first, I probably would’ve begged off and not upgraded. I hope their problems can be fixed soon!

I guess my point is, don’t be put off by the failures. I suspect the majority of users are not experiencing any negative issues.


Thank you VictorZ!

yes a small number (compared to the millions of installed base) of people were unfortunately affected by some incompatibility with a 3rd party software. We now have a temp fix for it and the bug fix has been coded and will be updated soon.

thank you for sharing your experiences.