Veoh TV and UDP Port Scan

I have recently installed the program Veoh TV on my PC. I have noticed that as soon as I open the program it connects to the internet whether I am using it or not. As long as I leave it in the background my modem is flashing. The only way I can stop this is by exiting the program completely. I can understand that it connects to the net while I am downloading or watching a film or TV show but not when I am not using it. Is this normal behaviour?.

I use Comodo CFP Firewall, Antivir AV, Spyware Blaster, Comodo Boclean, AVG Antispyware, Super Antispyware. I use Firefox as my main browser and have Noscripts and Adblock installed as add-ons. I have scanned my PC and am told my machine is not infected.

Since installing Veoh TV I have gotten lots of high severity events in my Firewall log which are described either as UDP Port Scan or Outbound Policy Violation Access Denied. It gives the attacker as I am not computer savvy enough to know what this means. My Firewall rules for Veoh TV are as follows.

Application -------Detination--------Port---------Protocol---------Permission.
Veoh Client-------Any---------------Any---------UDP In/Out------Allow------.
Veoh Client-------Any---------------Any----------TCP / Out-------Allow------.

I feel sure that this is something I am missing in my Firewall rules rather than a real problem but not being very PC tekkie I thought I would ask some advice here.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Hi bluesjunior

This is from WiKipedia:


Veoh uses both peer-to-peer (for its Player software application) and Adobe Flash-based streaming video (for its website) technologies. Veoh claims its use of peer-to-peer in the Player application enables distribution of longer form and higher quality video files at a much lower cost. It also means that bandwidth costs will not rise in direct proportion to the number of users.

I think that’s the answer to your question about why it connects, even when not in use.

Thank you for the reply Toggie. This explains why it connects when not in use but what does the address of the attacker mean?. How would I find out who is attacking my PC and why does it only happen when I am using Veoh TV?. How should I set my CFP rules as regards Veoh TV?.