Ventrilo not working with Comodo build.

I have seen another post and tried to relate, but appear to be having the same issue.
This is the thread I was reading.

So I am trying to connect to my Ventrilo server from my own machine and not having any luck.
Here is the first video I made without a Comodo configuration and how I am able to connect with firewall disabled, this shows that my Ventrilo and router are set up correctly.

Video 1, working without a configuration

And this video here shows me configuring Comodo to work with VentSrv and Ventrilo Client to allow it to connect, but still without luck. You can see I am able to connect after I disable Comodo.

Video 2, unable to connect with a configuration.

I also went to the connections log and noticed that the VentSrv wasn’t appearing as listening:

So I head to services and restarted my Vent Srv and finally appeared in the connections log:

Any additional help would awesome, ty so much.

Ventrilo Build:
Version: 3.0.8

Comodo Build:
Database: 20820

Then you should be connecting to the server through the localhost:port#. Localhost will resolve to or the loopback zone. The simplest way to make it work would be to add Ventrilo and VentSrv as Allowed Applications.

I’m going to assume down the road you want your friends to connect to the server as well. In which case you need to portforward Comodo Firewall and any Router you may have on your network (the portforwarding the router is up to you). In which case you need to open ports: TCP 3784 & UDP 3784, 6100

To forward with Comodo Firewall you need to create Allow rules in the Global Rule section. But first I recommend making making a custom Portset, this will allow us to create less rules.

  1. Create a Portset Called VentSrv, add the Ports 3784 or whatever your port choice is, and 6100.

  2. Go to Global Rules and create the following rules:

    Rule 1

    Action: Allow
    Protocol: TCP
    Direction: In
    Src. Address: Any
    Des. Address: Any
    Src. Port: Any
    Des. Port: 3784

Rule 2

Action: Allow
Protocol: UDP
Direction: In
Src. Address: Any
Des. Address: Any
Src. Port: Any
Des. Port: Set of Port > in the drop down menu find the PortSet ‘VentSrv’

Make sure those two rules are near the top of the global rule list, above any block rules, as they are processed from top to bottom.