Ventrilo lag and Comodo

Hello there!
Im using Comodo Firewall for past few years, and i love it rly its PRO application.
Lately i got problem with Ventrilo lag spikes, i started testing disabling all kind of applications to find posible solution and noticed that spikes on Ventrilo stop soon as i put Comodo firewall on Disabled.
I checked in Comodo settings for Ventrilo and it says All incomming/outgoing requests alowed.
Btw problem was same on Win XP pro and now on Win 7 Ultimate.
So im wondering if there is known solution to this problem, some direct port fowarding etc or il have to keep disabling Comodo each day i use Ventrilo.
O btw Vent version is 3.X and Comodo is free version regulary updated.
Thanks and keep pro work guys.

Try disabling “Block fragemented IP datagrams” under Firewall → Advanced → Firewall behaviour settings → Advanced.

Thanks for reply, il try and test with that option disabled and let u know if it solved problem.

After 3 nights of testing it looks like problem is fully fixed, on other hand are there any downsides on disabling that “Block fragemented IP datagrams”