Vengine Uninstalltion Problem

Using Win2ksp4, SeaMonkey browser v1.1.4. Uninstalled Vengine (latest version) normal way using Control Panel add/remove applet. However green border and cascading arrows continue to display at web sites as if still installed. Browser plugin inventory shows no Vengine present; search through registry for Comodo and Vengine turns up no keys. Evidently some code remains in unidentified files, but I do not know what or where they are in order to remove them. I asked your tech support people about this problem, but got no appropriate answer. Any ideas as to how to clean up the uninstallation?
Thank you!

Hi Vordix,

Our guys are going to look into this and I’ll get you a solution very soon.


Hi Vordix,

The SeaMonkey uninstall issues has been confirmed as a bug and will be rectified immediately.

The fix will be in the new version we are releasing in a few weeks, alternatively, you can manually delete the following files to remove VE from SeaMonkey:


Kind Regards,

Thank you for your prompt assistance and information, Shane. You folks are definitely on the stick.