VEngine auto update message

Hope to capture an image of it soon (forgot the wording).

But I have been getting a small message above the clock about VE not being able to connect to a server and not being able to look for and incorporate new files. It rasies up and drops down for only 3 - 4 seconds.

Looked and did not find any reference about an auto or manual update.



Found this

Automatic Updates
VerificationEngine has a fully automatic update mechanism ensuring the best performance, highest security and instant availability of the very latest Identity and Trust Assurance services.

Never have received notification to allow these updates. When I clicked on Help in the tray icon I had to say yes twice for IE to connect to the Internet.

Could someone tell me the component name so I can ensure that it is set correctly! In the Application list VE is set correctly. Oh I am using CFP 2.4 plan on updating later this summer.

Thanks again

2nd FollowUP***********

Found this in the component monitor, wonder why VEngineIE.dll shows a YELLOW triangle and exclemation point.
Thanks again

Did not notice this until after I posted the image, but the version number has comma’s between the numbers instead of periods, as compared to the others shown in the image. Not sure wh

[attachment deleted by admin]

Got it, here is the Verification Engine Warning

Wonder if the comma’s mentioned above have any connection?
Since Help now works through IE, I had hoped it would have corrected this problem, wrong.


[attachment deleted by admin]

The same things occurs here from time to time. Perhaps it’s an error on the Comodo server.

I see you’re not using Comodo Search, UncleDoug. :wink:

I still wonder if the comma’s have any influence. I know apostrophe’s do not work with a few programs if they are in the title.

I have tried twice with no success to add Comodo Search to my deskbar at the bottom.
Many times my screen is FULL and a search window there will allow me to look something up without the need to minimize the main window.

Would also like to see if a direct link back to these Comodo forums ((the Comodo Logo or Name next to the search Window) could be added without the need to open a browser

Hope, Ask programmers can improve their search structure and results.

Another Forum I post in, Ask cannot link directly to the forum even if I copy the url at the top.
Where as with Google I could reverse the forum name with out the url and it would take me directly to the link, or to the forum if I used the url.

I have TOO many icons on my desktop as is (have 7 folder icons that contain many many more links in each).



Had hoped someone on the Development Team would have responded by now, about the comma’s and the Exclamation Point in the two images I posted here.



Two different programs with the same oddity concering the comma’s instead of the period.

Appreciate any suggestions!


I have the same problem with the update message on 2 different pcs. Not sure whether to keep it if it can’t update.

I also have had the update message, I updated but this version is really bad… very buggy… the tray icon does not start automatically, the installer does not function right and the green border just hangs when the mouse is gone, also the application icon was gone after a reboot. I saw the icon of " my computer" instead… and guess what? when clicking on that icon it opens indeed my computer…