VE Redundant?

If Firefox already has anti-phishing filter built-in (version 2.0), why bother with another RAM consuming add-on?


Firefox works on a ‘blacklist’ of sites, yet VE works on a ‘whitelist’. Therefore VE can tell you if a site is good, but Firefox cannot.
If Firefox does not have a bad site listed in its blacklist, then it will not display any warning - yet with VE you will see that it has not been verified and will know this is a bad site.

No other phishing filter works like VE does.


Ah, I MUCH prefer whitelists to blacklists, as the “bad guys” are always doing something new.

The only thing I found aggravating was the flashing and the need to hover over a certain site. (Others noted the same). I’ll reinstall and see if it is different.

I’m getting old and can’t take all the flashing lights (too much for my poor heart)!

Can’t it just work quietly?

is it the trailing mouse that bothers you?



I tried VE but disliked the green box around the edge.

How about doing something like McAfee SiteAdvisor? - which in Firefox just sits in the status bar - turning red, amber or green depending on the site. (I don’t like it in IE7 as it adds another bar).

The other thing I like about SiteAdvisor is the integration with search engines, where it gives you the status of the site before you’ve even clicked on the link.


The difference is:
VE is not just about saying, this site is good or not…
VE is about Authenticating each and every content on a web page you see.
Afterall, how do you know that website has the right to display a VISA logo, unless you have the ability to authenticate that?



I understand … I was just saying that that I didn’t particularly like the method of telling me that information. So I un-installed! Something more subtle would be better for me…

Cheers. R :■■■■

Can you tell us what exactly would you like? some examples would be great.
did you try to change the colour?



No I didn’t try and change the colour. McAfee site SiteAdvisor is good - as I said earlier. It just sits there quietly, changing colour depending on the site rating. It does not dominate the desktop - and is always there as a reminder of the site you’re on. It integrates well with firefox, but not so well with IE. Perhaps as an alternative to a status bar indicator (if this can not be added to IE?) then a tray icon doing the same job would be OK.

If you wanted to highlight individual items /links on a page then the status bar / tray icon could change colour as the cursor moved over it.

Anyway, i’m sure there are better ideas than this… all i wanted to say was for me to use on a regular basis, the current method is too loud, even with the lowest “bar width”!!

(R) btw love CFP, CAVS is looking good - I tried the most recent beta, just waiting for a stable…!

I appreciate the feedback. All i am trying to do is to figure out what wouldn’t be too loud for you so that we can take it into consideration.
site advisor does a different thing than VE, so its functionality should not really be compared, cos it has no architecture to give Visual Clues about Content itself…

So, if you have any preferenece as how you would like to see a trust indication when you put your mouse over an authentic content, I would love to hear…
thank you


How’s this for a thought, Melih?

Instead of the green (or choose your color) border (which I agree is kind of intrusive…:wink: ), how about if when you mouse over something (the content) that item will briefly light up with a small border. Maybe an option to change the length of time it will stay lit…

I know some users have said something about having a toolbar sort of approach (which I’m not big on; I think it would get overlooked, and then blamed for not alerting to content…). Perhaps this would be something a little more subtle.


The importance of having the visual indicator “outside” the browser is because if you are to have the indicator inside the browser, a website could fake this indicator. So from security point of view, its not advisable to have the trust indicator inside the browser.


Aha, gotcha!

Well, if it has to be outside the browser window - then I guess it has to be something in the tray, in a taskbar, the status bar, or a change in the mouse pointer. Not many other options really…! I guess this could be left to the user… an option in the set up.

First idea: I don’t know is this is possible, but you know when you hover the mouse pointer over a link, the url appears in the status bar at the bottom (happens with firefox and IE), this text could be in a colour selected by the user that says “ok site”, and in another colour otherwise. To take into account different skins in Firefox, the colour would need to be user selectable.

Second idea: incorporate the VE function into CFP or CAVS - using the tray icon as an indicator. Could be a plug in ?!

Whatever you select it has to be subtle, because it is something that comes up all the time - as most people, most of the time are going to be surfing to OK internet sites, so you don’t want something too intrusive in the normal experience.