VB6 programs suddenly declared with Trojans - Fixed

Over the past 3 or 4 years I have written about 45 programs in VB6 for my wifes crafting files.
The last change made to any of these programs was about a month ago. Suddenly, today, I
receive a message from Comodo stating
Malicious file detected
and am informed that every executable of these VB6 programs contains either

I cannot attach an executable because Comodo quarantines them all.

Simply disable the Comodo AV, then go to the quarantine and restore the files. Once you have located them, upload them to virustotal https://www.virustotal.com/ and post the VT links right here.

Thanks for the reply
I did as you suggested. The file was one that Comodo said had the

The link is

I did use the online check and only Comodo showed malware.

Hi scbs29,

Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check it and get back to you soon.

Best regards

Updated Comodo today and tried VB6 programs again.
Created .exe for 3 or 4 of the programs, and so far everythiing is ok, no malware reports.

No problem, thanks for feedback.

Please upload to VT again and fix the VT result ;D :-TU

Uploaded, all now clear.

VT result

We do not want to see this as a FP in the future, this way is better
Thanks mate :wink: