Various Ideas and Suggestions

What would I like to see developed next?

  • program to easily set bandwidth, upload and download

  • hard drive image and restore

  • portable firewall

  • portable antivirus

  • different icons for the firewall and antivirus (Both are blueish and both have a semi circle - I click the wrong one about 50% of the time. So please make them different in color and or shape).

  • a mascot of sorts for the software - perhaps some cute ‘comodo dragon’ (see ‘Jane and the Dragon’) as an idea

  • registry fixer or cleaner

Some of these have been mentioned before and others are new.


My computer is secured by Comodo firewall and anti virus.

* a mascot of sorts for the software - perhaps some cute 'comodo dragon' (see 'Jane and the Dragon') as an idea

Oh, my. Now we know what you’re watching on weekends… ;D


How do YOU know it is on the weekends where you are huh!!! (:KWL)

Consider my suggestion there as an analogy. Comodo need some sort of recognizable mascot. Their eye candy design is not unique. It is an excellence seen in other products.

I suggest the Dragon in “Jane and the Dragon” rather than the ‘greed is good’ Dragon of some Bank which I won’t mention - Saint George never slew a dragon! (:WAV)

So a cool, cute Dragon - it could also be a lizard, but lets hope that “Comodo Gordon Gekko” is left well behind where it should be.

Go for a Dragon. Go with something positive like Jane’s Dragon! (:CLP)

Well, ahem, uh… (:SHY) I can’t reveal all my secrets, now can I?

As we ALL know, Jane’s dragon is very nice and friendly, beautiful singing voice and all, but not very scary… Shouldn’t a dragon be something to inspire awe, fear & trembling? Especially if it’s a mascot for security sofware. Think about it - a Komodo Dragon is a huge lizard with such a bacterially-laden bite that it pretty much guarantees death; it can move incredibly fast when need be, and all it needs to do to bring prey down is just nick it, then track it to the grave…

Jane’s dragon kinda conveys warm fuzzy feelings, right? It is a kid’s show after all, played right alongside VeggieTales (perhaps a Larry the Cucumber mascot?). Is that really the mascot for a security software, or do we need a fierce dragon, set to protect and guard its host ferociously, to seek and destroy all invaders?


PS: Not criticizing your suggestion, just asking questions…

The dragon is friendly to the user.

A defensive pose or even different moods.

The dragon should be a pet - a positive re-enforcing visual.

It really depends how the artists and Comodo want to go but they will no doubt see several mock ups.

Until I see actual mockups I really can’t comment further.

A mascot - DRAGON - now it is for those guiding Comodo with their leadership and skills to do with that suggestion what they will.

All the best.


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