Various - autocomplete, text-size, Windows 8 compatibility

I’m trying out Comodo Dragon. I like it - it’s basic idea (Chrome without Google!), and how it performs - a lot. However (and even after working out how to install Roboform - that should be better advertised) I have the follow difficulties. I am hoping that this board can help me with them.

(1) I can’t find a way of completely turning off autocomplete in the URL box / search bar. Please advise.

Actually, that - point 1 - is the only point I am really hoping for help with. But there’s also:

(2) Everything is too small. I tried turning on the DPI scaling in ‘flags’, but everything went red and blotchy. Then I tried setting default zoom to 125%. That works reasonably, but the inferface stuff is still too small for me; and setting an increased font size in Comodo settings makes some websites display their content (e.g. BBC news) a bit oddly.

(3) The browser seems to be advertised as not Windows 8 compatible - but some people seem to use it on Windows 8. I am using it on Windows 8 (.1), but I have to do so in Windows 7 compatibility mode in order for ‘relaunches’ to work. What gives? (Again, I think that better information is - part of - the solution. I suppose I will have to wait for an update. (I’ll say this here too: I had to turn on single-file page saving. This was buried in the ‘flags’ . .)

Thanks in advance for any help and information!

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  1. You can disable search suggestions by disabling the “Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar” option.
    To disable suggestions from your browsing history you have to delete it (either completely or only individual entries). This can also be achieved by always using incognito mode since it will prevent the browser from saving any history in the first place.

  2. The browser interface responds to the system wide DPI settings. This will however affect your other applications as well.

  3. The browser is “incompatible” with Windows 8 because it does not support the metro interface. The relaunch issue is also related to changes into Chromium for Windows 8 and it will be solved in a future release.