Vanishing Global Rules, Predefined Policies and Network Zones


I have Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.0.163652.1142 running under Windows XP SP-2.

A few days ago, all of a sudden, CIS once again found my network connection and asked me to name it. (When I checked under Network Zones, I found that my earlier setting had disappeared.) I then noticed that the Predefined Policies had vanished.

Today, again CIS found my network connection. Again, I found that my Network Zone settings have vanished. Furthermore, all the Global Rules, too, have vanished.

Currently, under Network Security Policy, the Global Rules, Network Zones and Predefined Policies tabs are all empty. (Network Zones has the network entry that I typed in this morning, but my bluetooth network settings have vanished.)

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Could it be a bug if CIS?


if i would come across such a happening, i would not wait a minute to un-install and re-install it. as you dont have any rules left, you dont lose something.
its just a healthy hint for a fast solution. while of course it should have a reason. i read about this for the first time. so its not a usual bug, if its a bug.

btw, running service pack 2 (which is not supported since june?)… maybe thats a much more bigger problem. you should use service pack 3 as it gets security updates still.

It happens sometimes when cmdagent.exe or cfp.exe crash rules get lost. Can you check the Windows logs to see if that happened. The logs can be found in Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Event Viewer → Windows logs. Look under Application and System.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

I checked the Windows logs – no errors about cfp or cmdagent. In fact no errors at all.

I have, of course, right-clicked on the CIS icon and selected Exit before shutting down the PC, on one or two occasions. Could this be the cause of the problem?


I guess not because in case cfp.exe crashed while exiting Windows would still have logged it.

There is a bug in which dragging and dropping rules can make them disappear. Did you ever do this?

No, I have not. The only rules that have been created have been by my clicking the “Allow” or “Deny” buttons.


The only fix I can think about when this problem occurs is to use Windows System Restore to go back to a previous state of your system. CIS’ rules are stored in the registry and system restore will put back a previous registry state as part of its process.

Thanks. I guess, I’ll do that next time.

But, the question is: any idea why this is happening?

It’s a bug. It is already fixed in a mod preview of the upcoming v5.3.