Valkyrie Test

I’ve just done my Valkyrie test.

I was testing 2 things:

  • False positives (on 150 legit exe files)
  • Detection test (on 200 malware samples)
  1. Safe application set:

I collected 150 safe exe files. In general about 80-90% of these files were system’s files.
Other was from various applications like:

  • ashampoo buring studio
  • wtw (IM software)
  • Comodo Time Machine
  • Expressivo
  • FreeYouTubeToMP3Converter
  • Comodo programs manager
  • iSpy
  • SpyShelter
  • few drivers.
  1. Unsafe application set.

Collected 200 unsafe files. They were fresh, some PUPs were in this set.
I was very strict in rating and Valkyrie didn’t pass some of those, because only its heuristics detectors didn’t catch file (AV expert or CAV, CIMA said that’s malware - I didn’t take this into account,I was testing only heuristic).



Total safe files: 150
Rated correctly by Valkyrie: 148
Score: 98.66%

Comment: Valkyrie is very reliable in detecing safe applications, false positives are very rare.


Total malware files: 200
Rated as malware by Valkyrie: 170
Score: 85%

Comment: It’s very good score, detection 85% of unknown malware. Test was strict.

Safe files rated as dangerous by Valkyrie:

Malware files rated by heuristic improperly:

NOTE: I made comment with feedback to all files I’ve submitted. In total 350 comments for today :P0l


Let me be the first to say that this what you posted is simply AMAZING man!!! :-TU ;D

Great job morphiusz and thanks for sharing this information with us.

Great work Morphiusz!
Amazing job you did today.

You should definitely enter the COMODO Hall of Fame! :wink:

Thanks for helping Valkyrie grow faster and better.

+1 :-TU

valkyrie is definitely getting to be great. with some more work it will be a beast and nothing will get passed it
great job comodo

Great job, Morph! :-TU

good job, can’t wait for valk to be integrated into CIS.

I quoted your test at Ultimativna antivirus tema - P&O (Sigurnosni softver) @ Forum

Hope it’s ok with you…

Sure :-TU

by the way,anybody knows when would Valkyrie be added into cis???

You defend Comodo nicely :-TU :-TU ;D ;D

Ajde, da te malo naučim neke stvari....

;D ;D ;D

Thanks, Gakun…just doing my best to inform people and give them real facts about Comodo and not some blatant lies like Comodo haters do…

Yeah, those people just repeat like parrots what OTHERS told them without trying or verifying.
I applaud you for your effort, a really nice job :wink: :wink: :wink: :-TU

Yeah…and when we tell them to make their own test all you can hear are excuses about lack of time, lack of certificates…blah, blah, blah…

They like shiny graphics and charts :wink:
For example, compare this

and this

Seeing is believing… :-X

Amazing Test Morphiusz.